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Officers & Committees

2018-2019 Lodge Officers


*Exalted Ruler: Jonathan D. Brito
*Esteemed Leading Knight: Ashley L. Blauvelt
*Esteemed Loyal Knight  Lynn Monahan

*Esteemed Lecturing Knight:  Joseph W. Martin Jr.


John C. Mack, PER, PDD, HLM

Treasurer                                                           Robert D. Whaley
Tiler                                                                  Thomas R. Mayers 


*Trustee 1 Year       

 Bruce T. Perry

*Trustee 2 Year       

Marc R. Goyette

*Trustee 3 Year    

Edward A. McCarthy, PER


*Trustee 4 Year  

Barbara Blessinger

*Trustee 5 Year  

Mathew McCarthy


Roch S. Goyette, PER, State Trustee

Chaplain                                                 Alfred R. Tremblay, PER
Inner Guard                                                         Philip G. Ventola
Presiding Justice                                                   Carolyn J. Tedino 


 *The Board of Directors consists of the four Chair Officers and members of the Board of Trustees

Just a few of the Elks #1014 Committees Making a Difference:


House Committee
Elks National Foundation - ENF Committee
PER Association

Veterans Services
Flag Day
Memorial Day Parade

Youth Activities
Youth Appreciation Night
Drug Awareness
Hoop Shoot
Soccer Shoot
Fishing Derby
Horse Shoes

Senior Citizens Dinner
Special Olympics
3 Day BBQ
Wednesday Night BBQ
Mother's Day
ENF Fundraiser / Dirty Deeds Concert

Public Relations
Accident Prevention
Government Relations
Building Committee
Social Media 
Grant Coordination